The Bar

The bar is very close to being finished after a complete restoration. Another couple of weeks and we will be ready for a grand opening.

Our bar is well known for its good selection of quality real ales and craft beers. Always a vibrant, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We have an open fire burning through the chillier months, and a beautiful riverside garden and BBQ for fine weather.

Real Ale

We have 3 hand-pulled ales on constantly. Our 'resident ale' Leeds Pale is a particular favourite with locals and visitors alike. A very moreish pint! Other favourites include: Speckled Hen, Herbalist, Saltaire Blonde, Hummingbird and Old Peculiar.

We are SIBA registered and love to try ales local to York.

We also have a comprehensive range of the more unusual craft ales in bottles.


We sell a wide selection of lagers, from the usual suspects to the rarer finds.

We sell Freedom Four lager; the Freedom brewery is a multi-award winning brewery. Freedom is an English craft lager brewed in small batches only.

Gluten free lager is also available for those with special dietary requirements.